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Foreign Partners

The InTrans Group of Companies successfully cooperates with foreign enterprises. We understand the current trends of globalization in the sphere of production and trade. Being a Russian company, we also appreciate the potential of our country, both from the point of view of the foreign companies willing to enter the Russian market and domestic enterprises focused on selling their products abroad.

We cooperate with foreign companies in several directions:

  • Collaboration with foreign industrial and trading companies or their representatives in Russia. We understand what issues are relevant for foreign companies in organizing logistics in the Russian Federation. To adapt their operation as quickly as possible to the conditions of our country, we have developed the solutions that allow us to minimize the coasts and time and carry out effective integration into a new market.
  • Another direction is a collaboration with foreign logistics companies. This allows our customers to get better and more efficient service by using the logistics infrastructure in other countries, choosing the best transport routes, expanding the package of services and reducing the cost of supply chain support.

The InTrans Group of Companies plans to continue the successful implementation of the new projects in  collaboration with foreign companies. We believe it facilitates the mutual development both for us and our partners, and thus helps to increase the foreign economic activity of our country as a whole