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Atlas International

The InTrans Group of Companies is an accredited member of Atlas International global association.

Atlas International is a worldwide group of independent logistics companies united by common goals and activities and as well as certain financial responsibilities and obligations.

The InTrans Group of Companies joined Atlas International in 2005 and became an active member of the association, which is represented by more than 190 offices in more than 90 countries worldwide.

All business entities that are the members of the association, have gained a reputation of the companies with good financial performance and positive goodwill, with high standards of service and all necessary tools to solve logistics tasks in a flexible and efficient way.

The InTrans Group of Companies, as well as all other members of the association, have the right to issue their own Bills of Lading of Atlas International in course of arranging the overseas and multimodal transportation. In this case the forwarder's liability is insured, which means the cargo owner has additional financial guarantees.

The Association mainly comprises of medium-sized companies that operate with different types of cargo and provide worldwide service.

A set of factors such as financial responsibility, geographical coverage and the size of companies, allows the members of Atlas International to perform the high-quality reliable and cost-effective logistics services .

Apart from the fact that the InTrans Group of Companies’ representatives participate in annual meetings of the association members, they also conduct business negotiations regularly and sign the agreements with the particular partners within the network. Being the representatives of the Russian Federation, we have transported thousands of tons of cargoes for our partners and their customers. At the same time membership in Atlas International helps us to solve the tasks set by our customers most efficiently.