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Customs clearance and international trade support

Certification services

The InTrans Group of Companies provides a number of services related to transportation of cargoes and smooth crossing of the Russian border and passing the inspection of the regulatory authorities. In order to manage these tasks we offer a range of services, including professional assistance in obtaining approvals required by the supervisory authorities of the Russian Federation when import or export goods.

Our experts have huge experience in execution of the necessary certificates, permission documents, licenses and statements and help our customers at all stages of processing:

  • Identification of a type of document required for a specific cargo;
  • Consulting on procedure and conditions of obtaining;
  • Preparation and execution of documents;
  • Collection of samples and specimens;
  • Registration and verification of the documents.

The InTrans Group of Companies is an active member of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce. For the years of its activity the InTrans Group of Companies has gained reliable reputation in the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service and the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare. Therefore, we provide quick and accurate passing of veterinary, phytosanitary and sanitary-epidemiological control in compliance with all prescribed regulations.

In addition the InTrans Group of Companies has strong partnership with several leading certification bodies and thus provides its customers processing of the following documents at the lowest prices and within the swift terms:

  • Certificates and declarations of conformity with GOST R;
  • Certificates and declarations of conformity with technical regulations;
  • Exemption letters;
  • Certificate of state registration;
  • Certificates and declarations of fire safety;
  • Phytosanitary and veterinary certificates;
  • Conclusions of CCI on the cost of goods, code, etc.