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Places of Сustoms clearance

The InTrans Group of Companies has extensive capabilities for representation of the interests of its customers. We successfully perform customs clearance in customs of St.Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow region, Kingisepp, Smolensk, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok and other cities.

Today we regularly operate at the following customs of the Russian Federation:

Baltic Customs:

  • Turukhtanny customs station;
  • Gavan' customs station;
  • Lesnoi port customs station;
  • Kronstadtsky customs station;
  • Customs clearance department No. 2 of Kronstadtsky customs station;
  • Pushkinsky customs station;
  • Yanino customs station.

St. Petersburg Customs:

  • Yuzhny customs station;
  • Shusharsky customs station.

Pulkovo Customs:

  • Pulkovsky customs station.

Moscow and the Moscow Region:

  • Kievsky customs station;
  • Sheremetyevo Airport customs station;
  • Domodedovo Airport customs station.

Kingisepp Customs:

  • Ust-Luzhsky customs station.

Smolensk customs:

  • Stabninsky customs station.

Vladivostok and Nakhodka customs:

  • Vladivostok seaport customs station;
  • Vladivostoksky customs station;
  • Vostochny Seaport customs station.

Novorossiysk Customs:

  • Yugo-Vostochny customs station;
  • Zapadny customs station;
  • Tsentralny customs station.

This is not the complete list of the possible stations, where the InTrans Group of Companies perfoms its activity. We are constantly expanding our geography and ready to negotiate with the existing customs stations of new regions to meet the needs and objectives of our customers.