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Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

The InTrans Group of Companies has experience of successful collaboration with companies specializing in production and distribution of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).



To solve the tasks of our clients we have developed the techniques of maximizing the efficiency of delivery of fast-moving consumer goods:




Customer needs

Our solutions

Delivery timeliness

Обусловлена изменчивостью конъюнктуры рынка (товар может быть сезонным, скоропортящимся и т.д.).

  • We select the most efficient ways of delivery in accordance with the requirements of transportation (sea, road, railway, air, multimodal transport or as a part of groupage cargo).
  • Own contracts with major cargo companies of Russia and foreign countries allow us to optimize routes and costs.
  • Prompt document turn-over.

Process-optimizing solutions

The need for such solutions is associated with the fact that they reduce time and material expenses of our clients.

Security guaranteed

The need for such guarantees is associated with high liquidity of the goods due to which these goods are classified as goods with high risk of stealing.

  • The cargoes are insured for the whole transportation period.
  • Engaging of surveyor organizations;
  • Professional guarding during the transportation.

Attention to details of processing and escorting of the cargoes

Possibility for arrangement of many product articles, models and items in one consignment.

Implementation of the requirements of the customs bodies for presence and provision of the certificates.

  • We undertake the obtaining of the approvals of the necessary permission documents (certificates).
  • Customs Broker License No. 0131/00.
  • Professional declarants provide the processing of goods declarations containing a lot of commodity items.

Possibility to use various means of transport

The requirement is associated with the necessity to deliver both small consignments (groupage cargoes) and big consignments (several transport vehicles at once).

  • Transport service of the company develops the best route for transportation.
  • Our agent network covers over 190 countries and uses own warehouse spaces.
  • We have  obtained the necessary experience, knowledge and skills by organizing a great number of transportations from small consignments to the orders of major trade networks.

Consolidation of cargoes for further dispatch as a part of groupage cargo or lot

Need for delivery from several suppliers and/ or to several consignees.