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Raw materials

The InTrans Group of Companies implements the logistics services for various types of raw materials for manufacturing and trading companies. Our professional experience and a set of all necessary tools allow us to provide the high-quality services.

We offer the best solutions for transportation of raw materials based on the needs of our customers:

Customer needs

Our services

Timely and complete delivery.

  • Selection of the most efficient ways of delivery in accordance with the transportation requirements (sea, road, railway, air, multimodal transport or as a part of groupage cargo).
  • Own contracts with major cargo companies of Russia and foreign countries allow us to optimize routes and costs.
  • Our agent network covers over 190 countries and uses own warehouse spaces.
  • Timely provision of the necessary documents including accounting, transport and customs documentation.

Optimization of time and material expenditures.

Transparent and prompt document turn-over.

Prompt passing of borders and customs control in case of international transportation.


  • Customs Broker License No. 0131/00.
  • Highly qualified specialists of our company classify the goods according to Goods Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity and determine the requirements for cargoes for the customs clearance in advance.
  • Employees of our own customs service have broad knowledge and experience in clearance/registration and confirmation of the cost of the goods including the exchange commodities.
  • We have  obtained the necessary experience, knowledge and skills by organizing a great number of transportations from small consignments to the orders of major trade networks.