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Five Rules for the Employee

  • The core values of the company are efforts and labor of each employee

    Each of our employees is a full-fledged member of a big team who creates relationship and values that results in successful personal growth as well as development of the whole company.

  • Pursuance of the Company’s goal and its achievement is of interest to each team member, and each of them is capable of reaching it

    Selection of all necessary resources (labor, financial and time assets) and their effective use in order to reach the company’s goals is a main priority for every corporate member. If you think that your personal resources are not enough, you can use your colleagues’ experience, ask for assistance your senior manager or a work group that combines team members of the InTrans Group of Companies.

  • Achieved result is a key criteria to estimate your work

    All your efforts should be focused on efficiency of actions taken. Estimation of your work is based on the fact of obtaining positive results for the Company’s activity as a whole. Look for new and creative solutions and develop them in order to get the best result.

  • One of your tasks is to pursue greater achievements

    Always strive to achieve bigger results, while executing your current plans. Make efforts to gain results in future, grow with the Company and work proactively. Remember: a task is considered to be done only when the results meet all the task criteria.

  • Learning and development are an important part of your work

    Your work effectiveness defines your level of professional competence. Learn something new and use your knowledge effectively in your everyday work. Remember: your highest productivity depends on your experience, knowledge and diversified development.